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Satoshi Investments

Satoshi Investments

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Investment plans

daily for 40 days
  • Min. amount
    0.010000 BTC / $10
  • Max. amount
    0.499900 BTC / $499
  • Total Return
  • Principal included
daily for 50 days
  • Min. amount
    0.500000 BTC / $500
  • Max. amount
    2.999900 BTC / $2,999
  • Total Return
  • Principal included
daily for 60 days
  • Min. amount
    3.000000 BTC / $3,000
  • Max. amount
    9.999900 BTC / $9,999
  • Total Return
  • Principal included
daily for 70 days
  • Min. amount
    10 BTC / $10,000
  • Max. amount
    25 BTC / $25,0000
  • Total Return
  • Principal included
What is Satoshi Investments?

Satoshi Investments is an investment club designed to reinvent the digital coin trading market. Only a limited number of people have access to this...
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What are Crypto Currencies?

Cryptocurrencies, sometimes called virtual currencies, are a digital method of trade developed and utilized by private participants or groups. Since the majority of...
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When were the first Crypto Currencies?

In 2009, Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency. A number of cryptocurrencies have been developed since then. Altcoins is the term often used...
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What do we do?

Satoshi Investments designed and implemented a high-tech software to optimize cryptocurrency trades. With this tool, our traders are able to place thousands of mini transactions per minute, maintaining a very high accuracy and thus providing profit in the majority of our operations.

Cryptocurrency Trading is the equivalent to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is possible to buy and sell various bitcoin and altcoin normally for USD and BTC.

At any given moment, the mind of a human can only observe a handful of indicators. A crypto-currency bot like Bitcoin is able to track and try every indicator constantly on every crypto coin. Bitcoin bots don't need rest and can be activated at any instant, allowing for more sound trades. You can rest assured that the bot will make a trade if there is a critical change.

How does our system work?

It has the ability to make 20,000 trades per minute
It is impossible for humans to work that fast
It lets our customers gain access to a safe investment opportunity
There is no risk to your money at all


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Latest News

New payment system added!
  • Jun 21, 2017 07:25
New payment system added!
  • Jun 16, 2017 06:49

Check Our Affiliate and Representatives Program

A referral is simply a person you invited directly to join you in Satoshi Investments For standard members, you will be paid 8% on the first level of our referral system, on the second level you will be paid 3% and on the third level, you will receive 1%. For our official representatives, commissions will be 16% on the first level, 3% on the second level, and 1% for third level.

Satoshi Investments is an investment club revolutionising the digital coin trading market through investment robots trading over 1000 cryptocurrencies.

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